Caring the uncared...
Welcome to CaringCircle, the circle of caring people!

CaringCircle is a registered non-profit, charitable organization with the intention of helping the poor and the uncared. Anyone with a willingness to help the poor are welcome to join us. Are you such a person? Come and be part of the circle, and lets make this world a better place. effectively brings together the caring and willing people, so that they can make a difference to someone, who really deserve it.

Do you realize how fortunate you are? If you have a house to live, a meal to eat, a job to earn, consider yourself very fortunate! There are millions of people around you who cannot afford a days meal. There are many who are dying because they can't afford to buy the medicine. Don't you think you should do something for them? If so come and Join us

Care to care for the poor? Come Join Us and make a difference!